Jeff Spurgeon


My name is Jeff Spurgeon and I was born in Seattle Washington in 1962. I attended high school at Evergreen High School and began my racing career with the midget car association in 1976. I found the love of my life Ann which we married in 1984 and had our first daughter in 1985. After the birth of our first daughter I started driving a Curtis midget car for Dan O’Brien and then went on to build a rear engine midget car, which I drove for a year. In 1988 my wife and I had our second daughter and decided to slow down a bit.


I then moved on to become the Crew Chief for Mike Stryker and four years later the team won a WMRA championship. After winning the WMRA title I then decided to retire from racing and went on to pursue my dream of owning a automotive repair shop. In 1996 my wife and I made a big step and moved to Eastern Washington where I bought an automotive repair business and began building my lifelong dream, which is now Brewster Car Care. In that time I met up with Thomason & Tradup Racing and began working on their streamliner and have been racing with the team ever since.


Jeff Spurgeon



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