New Streamliner

Information about the New Streamliner

Class: B/FL
Length: 28 Feet
Width: 38 inches
Wheel base: 208 inches
Height: 36 inches
Weight: 3875 lbs.
Engine: Buick V6 - 2 of them
Horse Power: 700 HP Each - 1400 HP Total
Cube inch: 219 each
Induction: Kinsler Electronic Fuel injection
Transmission and Rear End: Weismann Combination
Body: Fiber glass Foam Core
Battery: 16 volt
Frame: 2” steel tubing
Parachute: Deist
Fire Bottles:  4 bottles of halon
Drive Axle: Front and Rear Wheel
Tires: Mickey Thompson Bonneville
Wheels: Steel Special made





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